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Medical TreatmentsAt NY Center for Integrative Medicine, our primary aim is to help you to get well and stay well in a sustainable way. While we enjoy working with patients with a variety of health-related goals, we often treat people with complex chronic conditions. Many patients who come to see us have been to many doctors without finding the relief they are looking for. With Naturopathic and Functional Medicine, we take a unique approach that honors who you are and gives you an opportunity to find optimal health that may have once felt impossible.

Our Concierge Medicine Program has been designed for two groups:

  1. People who want to make sure they are doing absolutely everything they can to stay health. For people in this group, taking proactive steps to prevent chronic disease as among the most important things they can do. Often frustrated by the amount of confusion out there about what steps to take to protect themselves and their loved ones, these people are looking for a singular resource to help them achieve all of their healthcare goals.
  2. People who have been to all kinds of doctors and either haven’t found the relief they are looking for or have been told that there’s “nothing wrong”. Convinced that they should not be feeling the way they do, they continue to advocate for themselves and their health. Often relying on the internet for answers, people in this group have the motivation to help themselves but lack the dedicated healthcare team to guide them in the right direction.

Our team at NY Center for Integrative Medicine has carefully designed a program to help people in both groups, and everyone in between, to get the care they need and deserve. This program is intended to be a comprehensive resource to you and your loved ones, allowing you to achieve your health goals. While we take time and offer careful attention to all of our patients, the design of the Concierge Medicine program allows for unparalleled access to Dr. Kachko and Dr. Shapsis. Serving as your healthcare detectives and your personal guides, they will help you to feel your best.

Just as every treatment program we design for patients is personalized, so to are the options for our Concierge Medicine Program:

Health Transformation: this is our most complete and intensive program, offering the time and resources you need. The program lasts 4 months and includes:

    1. Comprehensive cutting-edge diagnostic testing
    2. Functional Medicine tests
    3. DNA and Microbiome Assessment
    4. Nutrition and Nutraceutical Recommendations
    5. IV Therapy
    6. Acupuncture
    7. Mind-Body Medicine
    8. Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Consults with the Doctors

Health Optimization: this 4 month program comes after graduation from our Health Transformation stage, once certain health goals are achieved. As health optimization takes a thorough long-term commitment, this program allows our patients to continue with their treatment program and continue to optimize their results.

Wellness Boost: Once you’re feeling great, regular tune-ups can be helpful to keep you feeling this way. The Wellness Boost program includes regular consults, testing, and IV therapy to give you the boost you need and allow you to live your best life. Wellness Boost membership is available for patients who have completed our Health Transformation and/or Health Optimization programs.

Call NY Center for Integrative Medicine to have a free “discovery session” with one of our doctors to understand if our Concierge Medicine Program is right for you!

What is Integrative Medicine? - Explained by Dr. Robert Kachko

What is Integrative Medicine? - Brooklyn, NY
Integrative medicine focuses on treating you at the right time with the right medicine. This is done after a comprehensive analysis of your mind and body. Watch this video to learn more about Integrative medicine, as explained by Dr. Kachko from NY Center For Integrative Medicine.

What is integrative medicine?

Hi, this is Dr. Robert Kachko from the New York Center for Integrative Medicine. You might be wondering what is integrative medicine and why is it so important?

We view integrative medicine in our clinic as giving the right medicine to the right person at the right time. Between Dr. Alexander Shapsis and myself, we have come up with a comprehensive program to help each individual that combines the best of all worlds.

What are the treatment options available in integrative medicine?

It combines the best from conventional medicine, functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine for a truly holistic program.

This helps you to find long-term sustainable health. We also consider mind and body in integrative medicine.

The thoughts we have contribute to our physical condition and vice versa. If we are not feeling our best, we might experience conditions like anxiety and depression fatigue.

Integrative medicine is about listening to your needs, understanding your health history, and coming up with a truly comprehensive plan to assess and find the root cause of your condition.

We will then treat that condition based on your unique needs at New York Center for Integrative Medicine. We’re here for you and your whole family.

Make an appointment with us to experience the benefits of Integrative Medicine.