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SIBO TestScreen for gut illnesses with SIBO testing in Brooklyn, NY

SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is a disorder that occurs when bacteria is inappropriately present in the small intestine. These excess bacteria will cause your body to release hydrogen and methane as you exhale, which can be assessed via testing. A SIBO test checks the hydrogen and methane content of your breath to diagnose bacterial overgrowth. The NY Center for Integrative Medicine in Brooklyn offers SIBO testing to get an informed look at the possible causes of this disorder.

Depending on the indication, this testing will either be done in office or we will send you home with a test kit. You will need to fast the night before your test to get an accurate result. During the test, you will drink a sweet drink and breathe into a series of tubes at regular intervals.

Treating SIBO

If your SIBO screening comes back positive, our clinical team will form a treatment plan, which may include carefully selected and safe antibiotics, botanical medications and diet changes to help you find relief.

Drs. Shapsis and Kachko may also want to do additional screenings to help find the underlying cause of your SIBO. The NY Center for Integrative Medicine in Brooklyn takes a holistic approach to medicine. Rather than treating a series of symptoms, our team will look at your overall health. If we can find a link between seemingly disparate symptoms, we can identify it to diagnose issues and treat them to improve your quality of life.

Contact our office today at (718) 866-3695 to schedule an appointment and learn more SIBO testing and the other screening measures we use to help our patients.