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At the New York Center for Integrative Health in Manhattan, New York, our experienced team of providers is here to help you achieve sustainable healing of mind and body. We listen to your needs and develop a holistic wellness plan that improves your overall quality of life. Our team has a diverse background that allows us to provide holistic care in a truly integrative and comprehensive manner. While all of our providers take a whole body approach to care, below you can find some more details on each of us, with additional details available on each provider’s page.

Meet our providers at our Manhattan, New York location:

Dr. Robert Kachko - NY Center for Integrative Medicine

Dr. Robert Kachko

Dr. Robert Kachko is the founder and director of New York Center for Integrative Health. He can assist patients with digestive disorders, mental health conditions, chronic pain, and cardiometabolic concerns.

Dr. Mylaine Riobé

Dr. Mylaine Riobe

Dr. Mylaine Riobe has over two decades of experience assisting patients in overcoming complicated illnesses and challenging symptoms of chronic and acute diseases and focuses on providing integrative medicine, functional medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Marylee Marre, NP

Marylee Marre, NP

Marylee Marre is our board-certified family nurse practitioner who has been in the medical field for over a decade, providing critical care in the emergency departments of well-known hospitals nationwide. She believes that Western medicine has limitations that often offer a short-term solution to chronic issues, which is why she focuses on providing a more holistic and comprehensive approach to treating medical conditions in her patients.

Dr. Charles Rico

Dr. Charles Rico is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist, and is the team’s specialist in chronic pain and stress-related conditions.

Dr. Veena Verma-Dzik

Dr. Veena Verma-Dzik

Dr. Veena Verma-Dzik is a highly experienced naturopathic physician and certified medical acupuncturist who can assist in treating acute and chronic conditions, including ADD/ADHD, Lyme and tick-borne illnesses, GI conditions, women’s health, and mold and environmental toxicity. She focuses on treatments such as acupuncture, low-dose immunotherapy, homeopathic medicine, nutritional therapeutics, and herbal medicine.

Ruthie Mosser, RD - NY Center for Integrative Medicine

Ruthie Mosseri, RD

Ruthie Mosseri, RD, is our registered dietician who can provide support for a healthy lifestyle and diet as a more holistic approach to healing the body. Using Food as Medicine, she can create a care plan that helps you find balance and harmony in your life, creating a positive relationship with food to nurture the body.

Paul Epstein, ND

Dr. Paul Epstein

Dr. Paul Epstein is a naturopathic physician, meditation teacher, and mind-body therapist specializing in Internal Family Systems, Narrative Medicine, and Mindfulness based approaches to care. He works with individuals dealing with chronic conditions that are rooted in chronic stress and trauma.