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DepressionYou are not alone: Brooklyn, NY doctors are here to help with depression and anxiety

True health is much more than the absence of physical disease. More than one quarter of Americans have a diagnosable mental health disorder, according to the National Institutes of Health. Sadly, social stigmas, feelings of helplessness, and other factors cause many of those people to suffer in silence, trying to cope without help. The doctors at NY Center for Integrative Medicine in Brooklyn offer treatment for disorders such as depression and anxiety.

How do you know if you need help?

Terms such as depression and anxiety are frequently used to describe emotions that everyone experiences on occasion. However, when these feelings become persistent and otherwise unavoidable, medical attention may be necessary. Anyone experiencing persistent feelings of uncontrollable sadness or overwhelm may need care for their condition. Depression and anxiety may also manifest as physical symptoms, such as headaches, digestive problems, chronic pain, and fatigue.

What is the difference between depression and anxiety?

Depression is associated with feelings such as hopelessness and worthlessness, while anxiety is characterized by extreme worry or fear. These are two distinctly different disorders, though they can manifest in similar ways and very often co-exist. The effect of both may be a reduction in engaging with and enjoying life. For example, a person might stop engaging in a previously enjoyable activity. While a depressed person may feel, “why bother?”, someone suffering from anxiety may be thinking, “something will go wrong.” The result – withdrawing from the activity – is the same, but the underlying reasons and emotions are different.

What causes mental and emotional disorders?

The answer to that question is different for every individual. It may be genetics, chemical imbalances in the brain, a reaction to current or past events, trauma, a side effect of drugs (prescription or recreational), or a symptom of a physical illness, among many other causes. For most people, the cause is a combination of factors.

How can NY Center for Integrative Medicine help?

At NYCIM we take a comprehensive, holistic view of mental health care. After a thorough history and assessment, lab work may be suggested to understand the root cause of your challenges. Once this is discovered, we begin a long-term treatment course that will help you to feel better on a mental/emotional as well as physical level. Treatment may include nutrition, nutraceuticals, prescription medications, acupuncture, botanical medicines, and mind-body medicine (hypnotherapy, counseling and biofeedback). Our primary goal is to help you feel yourself again. While the solution may be unique for everyone, one thing is universal – no one should deal with anxiety or depression alone. We can help. Just give us a call to get started.