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Chronic PainIndividualized chronic pain management in Brooklyn, NY

Pain is a normal occurrence that everyone experiences on occasion. It serves as the body’s alarm system, alerting us to an injury. Typically, when the problem heals, the pain ceases. However, sometimes it is persistent, continuing for months or years. Untreated chronic pain can interfere with daily life and may have a negative impact on mental health. Chronic pain management at NY Center for Integrative Medicine in Brooklyn is highly customized to your unique needs. We take a comprehensive “biopsychosocial” approach that helps you to feel better and stay pain-free for the long-term.

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain occurs when an acute or short-term discomfort lasts longer than 12 weeks. By this point, the body and brain have been altered by the pain and a comprehensive holistic approach is necessary to resolve it.

Occasionally, chronic pain begins with no known precipitating injury or obvious cause. Sometimes a chronic health condition results in chronic pain. Other times, the nerves are damaged or otherwise malfunction, continuing to send pain signals long after the injured tissue heals. Whatever the cause of your pain, our approach at NYCIM allows us to get to the root cause of your suffering.

What medical conditions can cause chronic pain?

Pain can result from physical trauma or some other medical condition For example, an automobile accident might cause spinal damage that leads to chronic neck pain or chronic back pain. However, there are many other conditions associated with chronic pain, such as:

  • Chronic infection
  • Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Nerve damage
  • TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder)

In order to effectively trat pain, a thorough medical history and physical exam must be completed. This may include lab work to understand the body’s physiology and biochemistry that is causing or resulting from the pain. Once a cause is discovered, a personalized treatment plan is created for you.

Is there an alternative to pain pills?

We’ve all heard stories of people who tragically become addicted to prescription drugs as a result of chronic pain. Unfortunately, fear of that happening causes many people to avoid treatment. In reality, there are non-addictive medications, nutraceuticals, and pain management techniques that don’t even carry with them a risk of addiction.

How do you holistically treat pain?

At NYCIM we take a comprehensive “biopsychosocial” approach to treating your pain. Our recommendations may include medication, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, IV therapy, Mind-Body medicine (hypnotherapy, counseling, biofeedback), or physical medicine modalities. Sometimes lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, improving sleep patterns, or eating differently may help. Whenever possible, the treatment plan includes addressing the underlying condition causing the pain while also helping to directly reduce your discomfort.

Where do I start?

The answer is right here at NY Center for Integrative Medicine. Our focus is whole health, and finding solutions that align with your lifestyle, preferences, and medical needs. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan designed to not only treat the symptom, but also improve your quality of life.

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Dr. Robert Kachko discusses chronic pain and treatment options at NY Center For Integrative Medicine

Dr. Robert Kachko discuss chronic pain and treatment options at NY Center For Integrative Medicine
What is the main reason for an individual to experience chronic pain, and what are the treatment options available? Watch the video as Dr. Robert Kachko discusses chronic pain and treatment options at NY Center For Integrative Medicine.

What is chronic pain?

Hi, this is Dr. Robert Kachko from New York Center for Integrative Medicine in Brooklyn, NY.

At New York Center for Integrative Medicine, we see many patients dealing with chronic debilitating pain.

Chronic pain can happen in any area of the body, and it can happen because of musculoskeletal challenges, nervous system challenges, inflammatory conditions, or possibly even past trauma.

What are the factors considered when suggesting treatments for chronic pain?

One of the goals with any treatment for chronic pain is that it has to be a truly biopsychosocial approach to care.

That means addressing the person at all levels, including biological, psychological, and social. In doing so, we have to support the body and the mind.

All chronic pain contains aspects of physical challenges, metabolic challenges, and brain-based mechanisms that can impact how a person feels.

When people deal with chronic pain, we have to consider factors like inflammation, nervous system sensitivity, mental-emotional state, diet nutrient deficiencies, other lifestyle challenges, and how they move their bodies.

When it comes to comprehensive care at New York Center for integrative medicine, we do functional lab testing.

This might include bloodwork to look at deficiencies and hormone imbalances. It has other functional tests to look at things like cortisol, inflammatory markers, digestive health, microbiome testing, autonomic nervous system testing, and brain scans.

What are the treatments available for such chronic pain?

When it comes to treatment, we have to take a truly comprehensive approach based on the person’s unique story with chronic pain and the testing we’ve done.

This includes naturopathic and functional medicine interventions for a truly integrative holistic approach.

Some of the treatments for pain at the New York Center for Integrative Medicine might include pain neuroscience education, mind-body medicine including biofeedback, hypnotherapy, mindfulness practice, and breathwork.

It might include acupuncture, IV therapy, botanical medicine, nutrition, targeted nutraceuticals, and sometimes medication, but only when necessary.

Because when it comes to treating pain, it’s mostly about helping the body recover and not about turning off the pain itself.

At New York Center for integrative medicine, we’re looking forward to helping you have a pain-free and happy life.