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Whole Food NutritionDid you know that 95% of the body’s serotonin is made in the gut? Or that a majority of your immune system is actually in the digestive tract? For these and many other reasons, the food we eat plays a central role in how we feel.

Integrative and Holistic medicine consider the whole body. Nutrition impacts every single system and is crucial to making sure that we can stay sustainably well for many years. For this reason, one important step to healing physical and mental health issues is making sure we are eating the kinds of food that our body requires to thrive. Often, this requires focusing on quality over quantity.

When it comes to nutrition therapy, Ruthie Mosseri, RD takes a holistic and functional approach to ensure all her patients have a personalized experience. Creating dietary plans that are nutrient dense is our specialty at NY Center for Integrative Health. Every person is unique and needs a specialized nutrition plan that takes into account dietary preferences, sensitivities, allergies and lifestyle factors.

From weight loss to blood sugar balance to digestive issues to hormonal balance, Ruthie can work with you to create that personalized nutrition plan and help you achieve your goals.

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New York Center for Integrative Health is a multi-disciplinary team of providers that work collaboratively to assist you on your healthcare journey. Taking a truly holistic approach that honors your unique needs, the team will work with you to get you sustainably well.

Dr. Robert Kachko, Founder and Director of the NY Center for Integrative Health, is a pioneer in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine and has developed an extensive bio-psychosocial methodology for people living with chronic diseases. As Immediate Past President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Kachko advocates for healthcare reform to allow everyone accesses to the kind of care our clinic provides.