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Weight LossImprove Your Health with Sustainable Weight Loss in Manhattan, New York, and Stamford, Connecticut

Sometimes diet and lifestyle changes are insufficient for long-term sustainable weight loss. If excess weight is linked to underlying health issues, losing weight and keeping it off for good can be challenging. The New York Center for Integrative Health can help with a truly comprehensive approach to sustainable weight loss. We offer thorough screening and diagnostic tools to guide your diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors that can address your metabolism and ensure there is no underlying reason for your struggles with weight.

Holistic Medicine for Personalized Treatment

Our bodies are unique, and our treatment plans should be as well. For example, while some people may do well with a low-carb diet, others can experience low energy and continued difficulty losing weight. Our comprehensive approach will take a 360-degree view of all factors that may contribute to your difficulty losing weight. This might include blood work, genomic (DNA) assessment and various hormone assessments.

For example, with DNA screening, we can discover your optimum ratio of macronutrients to decide how much fat, carbohydrates, and protein your body requires. Our clinical team may employ self-monitoring techniques to help you understand your eating habits, so you can adjust your meal plan to account for the times you like to snack and make better choices.

Dr. Kachko may perform tests to check for changes in your metabolism throughout your treatment. He may also screen for hormone imbalances and analyze your gut bacteria to look for other conditions that can contribute to issues with your weight. In some cases, difficulty losing weight may be related to disorders in your autonomic nervous system, which can be screened for as well.

These tests will help you get the whole picture of your health to form a strategy that goes beyond treating the symptoms and address problems at the root cause.

Dr. Robert Kachko discusses Long Term Sustainable Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Robert Kachko discusses Long Term Sustainable Medical Weight Loss
In this video, Dr. Robert Kachko explains how long-term sustainable weight loss through a personalized approach to your health.

Hi, this is Dr. Robert Kachko from New York and Stamford Centers for Integrative Medicine, and I’d like to spend some time today discussing long-term sustainable weight loss.

There’s a reason that 95% of people who lose weight from a diet tend to gain it back or gain more weight. That’s because our body responds to severe restriction by changing what’s called our basal metabolic rate.

How can you lose weight and keep the weight off?

In order to really sustainably lose weight, lose it and keep it off, we need to take a personalized approach to your health care because the body that is healthy in an optimal way and is in alignment with all of its personal needs is more likely to be at a healthy long-term weight.

Usually that includes a personalized nutrition plan that one of our clinicians can help you develop.

It includes a personalized exercise plan as well as targeted nutrients, botanicals, and sometimes when necessary prescription medications.

What are the areas to consider to help sustainable medical weight loss?

Our goal with all of these treatments is to address various aspects of your physiology. It can include inflammation and oxidative stress, hormone health, including thyroid health, and your sex hormones like your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

It can include addressing digestive health and nutrient deficiencies that might result, and include addressing your fluid metabolism so making sure that your body isn’t holding on to excess water weight, which is often a reason why people cannot lose weight.

Similarly, we have to consider the environment in each of your weight loss plans because very often, our body will hold on to excess weight if it’s exposed to all kinds of environmental toxicants and that it’s doing its best to clear.

With this sort of long-term sustainable medical weight loss plan, most people do quite well and are able to keep their weight off forever.

Make an appointment with us today, and we’ll help you on your journey to sustainable well-being.

Compassionate Support to Help with Weight Management

A life-long struggle with excessive weight can take a toll on our bodies and minds. The care you will receive at the New York Center for Integrative Health will help you feel supported on your journey to sustainable weight loss. As we help you be healthier, your ability to lose weight will improve. Contact our office today at (917) 477-3538 to learn more about sustainable weight loss.

New York Center for Integrative Health is a multi-disciplinary team of providers that work collaboratively to assist you on your healthcare journey. Taking a truly holistic approach that honors your unique needs, the team will work with you to get you sustainably well.

Dr. Robert Kachko, Founder and Director of the NY Center for Integrative Health, is a pioneer in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine and has developed an extensive bio-psychosocial methodology for people living with chronic diseases. As Immediate Past President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Kachko advocates for healthcare reform to allow everyone accesses to the kind of care our clinic provides.