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Healthy DietThe Role of Nutrition

It is the belief of the providers of New York Center for Integrative Medicine that our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal themselves from chronic conditions. However, in order to do so the body must have all of the tools necessary to allow it to do so, and none is more important than proper nutrition. As there is no perfect diet for everyone, it is essential to personalize nutrition advice to each person’s unique body composition, genetics, and medical history. Hippocrates said, ‘let food be thy medicine’. Moreover, we know from existing medical research, that when people eat a healthy diet that is personalized to their needs as part of a broader healthy lifestyle, including sleep and exercise and stress reduction, they are much less likely to deal with chronic diseases. People who have reversible or preventable chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, would stand to benefit from personalized nutrition recommendations and personalized nutrition advice.  Some people do well on a high-fat diet and some do well on a low-fat diet. Similarly, some people do well eating lots of carbohydrates and some do better eating very few carbohydrates.

Our team at NYCIM can help you to find the right combination of foods to help you achieve long-term sustainable health.

More than a diet

Our society has developed an obsession with diets, yet unfortunately they have been ineffective and at times harmful for many people. What’s most important is a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for each individual, personalized for the needs of each body. At NY Center for Integrative Medicine in Brooklyn, we can help you to understand what those unique needa are through advanced testing and diagnostics. We can also conduct genetic and microbiome analyses using the latest evidence from Precision Medicine to further personalize your recommendations.

Genetic and microbiome analysis allows us to understand what genes you inherited from your family that may be contributing to poor health outcomes, and how, through diet and specific nutrients, you might be able to reverse some of these challenges. Similarly, the microbiome (made up of bacteria, viruses and fungi throughout our bodies but predominantly in our digestive tract) can play an important role in how we respond to certain foods.

What are the benefits of nutraceutical supplements?

For a variety of reasons, it has become very difficult to achieve the right level of nutrition solely through food. At times, we must supplement our dietary intake with nutraceuticals. The two most common forms are nutraceuticals like supplements, vitamins, minerals and things that can be taken by mouth or pills, and through the intravenous route. The clinicians at NYCIM has developed a custom line of Wellness Boost Nutraceuticals and IV Therapy formulas to ensure your body receives all of the essential nutrients it requires for optimal function. Each patient receives a carefully prescribed list of recommendations to augment their lifestyle.

Nutraceuticals are not all created equal. Our practice, NYCIM, only uses pharmaceutical grade, highly effective quality sources that we have learned from our experience, and from the medical literature, that can be quite helpful alongside all of the other treatments that we offer.

There is a lot of research on the role of inflammation and oxidative stress and other lifestyle-related factors that can contribute to disease. Both whole food nutrition and personalized targeted nutraceuticals can be one important tool in your toolkit to help you recover from your chronic condition, or to prevent the chronic conditions that you worry about.

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Dr. Robert Kachko discusses about nutraceuticals at NY Center For Integrative Medicine

Dr. Robert Kachko discusses about nutraceuticals at NY Center For Integrative Medicine
What are nutraceuticals? How can nutraceuticals help you? Watch the video to learn more as Dr. Robert Kachko discusses nutraceuticals at NY Center For Integrative Medicine.

What are nutraceuticals?

Hi, this is Dr. Robert Kachko of the New York Center for integrative medicine in Brooklyn, New York. I’m here to talk to you about nutraceuticals that we use in our practice.

Nutraceuticals might be a funny-sounding word, but basically, it’s high doses of nutrients or botanical medicines applied in precise and targeted ways for each condition.

Almost every patient who comes into New York Center for Integrative Medicine, in addition to the comprehensive care we provide that includes acupuncture, IV therapy, mind-body medicine techniques, and comprehensive functional lab testing, usually gets a recommendation for nutraceuticals.

Why would an individual need nutraceuticals?

The nutraceutical that we use are of the highest quality and are specific to your needs, often prescribed either based on your health history or the testing done.

As one example, we do many nutrient testing in our office, and many of our patients are deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is very important for a host of conditions, including the prevention of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

So, when we have your particular vitamin D levels, we can prescribe a well-absorbed nutraceutical to get your vitamin D levels up.

Is getting nutraceuticals safe?

There are dozens of other nutraceuticals that we may consider for each patient, and they’re always prescribed with precision and personalized care.

The nutraceuticals that we use are also proven to be effective and safe, and for this reason, they are only available through doctor’s offices.

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