Comprehensive holistic medical care

How NY Center for Integrative Health is different

Our mission at NYCIH is to serve as your comprehensive resource for lifelong well-being. Rather than treating symptoms as they arise, our methodology allows us to help you prevent chronic diseases before they arise and (in many cases) reverse those that already have. The more you know about your body, the more effective your treatment plan will be. Our therapies are founded on evidence-based and time-tested interventions that help to support your body’s inherent capacity for self-healing.

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Dr. Robert Kachko - Welcome to NY Center for Integrative Health

Hi I’m Doctor Robert Kachko and welcome to New York Center for Integrative Health. At our clinic we offer comprehensive holistic health care that allows each individual to feel heard and understood. Working together with one of our providers, you’re going to create a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan that honours who you are and where you’ve been. We look forward to working with you.