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Marylee Marre, NP

I am a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in holistic and functional medicine. Through my training in both conventional care and holistic approaches to care, I blend the best of both worlds to help you formulate a truly comprehensive, customized treatment plan that honors your unique needs.

I have worked for eight years in various critical care specialties across the country, including being on the frontline in the Covid ICU. While in Family Practice, I discovered the limitations of western medicine when it came to treating chronic conditions.

I felt discouraged by the endless “band-aid” approach.

I began to feel this burning desire that I needed to be doing much more for my patients. Soon after, I began implementing a root-cause approach in order to guide the body back to homeostasis. My patients have been able to achieve their best, healthiest state because of this change in the way I practice medicine!