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Blood WorkComprehensive Blood Work Panel for Holistic Healthcare in Brooklyn, NY

At the NY Center for Integrative Medicine, we believe that health care should go beyond treating the symptoms and focus on bringing each patient to their optimum level of health. At our practice in Brooklyn, NY, we conduct standard lab tests as well as comprehensive functional medicine blood work panels. Our approach though, since we take a functional medicine and naturopathic medicine perspective, is to look much more deeply. More than your typical health assessment, we take an expansive look at a variety of indicators of health that can predict or uncover chronic issues.

How Bloodwork Helps Us Treat Our Patients

Just like normal temperature readings and blood pressure varies from person to person, so do the results of the bloodwork. Moreover, what is normal for one person may be abnormal for the next person. We work to understand whether your test results are within an optimal range based on your unique situation, body composition, personal health history, and family health history. We also consider your long-term health related goals to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how to achieve optimal sustainable health.

This approach is called Precision Medicine. The goal of Precision Medicine is to look at blood work from a precise and personalized perspective. Rather than treating symptoms from a one-size fits all approach, we focus on the genetics, lifestyle, and environment of each patient. Our comprehensive blood work is state-of-the-art, and we look at everything necessary to make sure that the person is getting the care that they need, such as hormones, nutrients, and vitamins.

Helping you get the answers you need

Many people have a similar experience: They do not feel well. Their energy is low. They are often in a terrible mood. Aches and pains seem to find them more often than their peers. Yet, when they go to the doctor and get testing done, everything seems “normal”. Often, these same people are told that their symptoms are “all in their head” and that perhaps an antidepressant may help. Does this sound like you?

At NY Center for Integrative Medicine, we understand that nobody knows your body as well as your do. We will work with you to uncover the root cause of your suffering. As your healthcare detectives, we will partner with you to figure out exactly is limiting your ability to thrive and feel your best. To learn more about our holistic approach to medicine, contact us today at (718) 866-3695 to set up an appointment.