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Carrie Bonifas, Patient Care Coordinator

Carrie Bonifas
Patient Care Coordinator

Carrie Bonifas is a patient care coordinator for New York Center for Integrative Health. She has an extensive 23-year career within the medical field. Over her time she has provided care as a certified nurse’s aide and as a patient coordinator. Carrie has a passion for guiding people to understand the profound benefits of alternative medicine. She has witnessed the life-changing benefits of holistic health, this allows her to empathize with patients along their health journey.

During her free time, Carrie enjoys exploring the great outdoor activities that Utah provides with her husband Shane and fur baby dog Hornet. She enjoys cooking, reading, and training her dog.

Thea Stevens, Patient Care Coordinator

Thea Stevens
Patient Care Coordinator

Thea Stevens joined our team at the New York Center for Integrative Health with an optimal skill set suited for supporting our staff and the individuals we serve by creating and maintaining a top-notch client experience while streamlining the process for our medical team. Thea’s background includes education in naturopathic modalities, therapeutic massage, and trauma-informed care. Her previous experience of eight years focused on patient care incorporates time at a world-renowned health institute, designing and implementing a telehealth platform for mental health treatment and working with individual clients to improve their overall quality of life. As a small child, holistic care was utilized, and now as an adult, she has come back to her roots in order to focus her energy on facilitating a well-rounded approach to holistic healing and living in balance.

When not in front of her computer, you can find Thea exploring North America and as many outdoor adventures as possible in her Skoolie with her husband and Vizsla. Building a community of like-minded people is essential to her, so Thea makes an effort to deeply connect with the people she meets on her travels. Thea has a passion for self-development, learning new things, and expressing her creativity through hobbies like visiting national parks, hiking, photography, art, cooking, massage, breathwork, cupping, writing, and nurturing activities such as supporting others on their journey to reach new levels of vitality.

Cierra Aber, Patient Care Coordinator

Cierra Aber
Patient Care Coordinator

A Radiation Therapist by trade, Cierra decided to make a career move to more accurately align with her beliefs and passion for an integrative and functional approach to health that focuses on root-cause analysis and personalized care. She has a dedication to quality and is excited and motivated to be a source of information, support, and empowerment for patients throughout their healing journey to optimal and sustainable health.

Cierra looks at health as a three-leg stool, which is held up only by the balance of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being. She believes in the power of authenticity, self-trust, and aligned relationships/environments as a way to thrive.

Outside of her focus on holistic health, Cierra is a mother of three (two humans, and one dog) and spends much of her free time with them. She enjoys writing and self-publishing children’s books, creating mixed gemstone keepsakes and speaking on the topics of deconditioning, individualism, and living beyond the status quo.

Heather Scheffler, Patient Care Coordinator

Heather Scheffler
Patient Care Coordinator

Originally a businesswoman and teacher at heart, Heather served a decade in real estate technology until realizing her innate desire was calling her to begin a new journey of healing. Over the course of eight years, she has studied holistic healing and received her certification in health education from Hippocrates Health Institute.

Heather thrives at her best when walking alongside others on their health journey. She is deeply compassionate, having walked down the road to recovery herself. If you are ever in need of encouragement, she’s first in line to cheer you on.

In her spare time – Heather enjoys being a mother to her firstborn daughter, spending time with family, and all things outdoors – including gardening, hiking, and biking, to mention a few.