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IV Therapy ProcedureHow Intravenous or IV Therapy in Manhattan, New York, and Stamford, Connecticut Helps You Cope with Chronic Conditions

Intravenous therapy is an efficient way to deliver medications, vitamins, and nutrients to your body. IV therapy bypasses your digestive system and provides individualized treatments to your bloodstream, where they will be available immediately. Our clinical team offers patients in New York, New York IV therapy to treat and prevent various chronic conditions.

Benefits of Intravenous Therapy

Intravenous therapy is a form of treatment done in-office by specially trained providers. Intravenous therapy allows us to help people with chronic conditions find relief sooner. Our clinical team may also recommend IV therapy to prevent chronic conditions. Preventive therapies are developed based on your unique needs discovered through a thorough clinical examination, comprehensive blood work, genome testing, and functional medicine testing to get a complete picture of your health.

Through intravenous therapy, which is often recommended one to two times a week, we can support the body’s biochemistry and physiology and provide essential therapeutic doses of nutrients and medications. When taken orally, many of these supplements are metabolized inefficiently, and only a fraction of the dose can be used by your body. We can also combine special forms and formulas so that we can personalize the IV treatment session for each individual.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

When performed by a trained medical provider, IV therapy offers a safe, effective way to deliver treatments and supplements to your body. It offers many patients an alternative to prescription medications that can have unpleasant side effects and that they may have to take indefinitely to find relief for their symptoms.

The IV treatment can be used for chronic conditions like immune system dysregulation, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain conditions, digestive issues, cancer, autoimmune disease, and heart disease. It can also be used for people who have trouble with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and insomnia or those people who simply do not feel well or wake up feeling tired.

Personalized Treatment Plans with Integrative Medicine

IV therapy is one of our most powerful tools to help support your unique physiology. We use IV therapy alongside other treatment plans to support your overall well-being and help you lead a healthier life. There is a lot of research on IV therapy, and we use the latest research in our personalized formulas to design individualized treatment plans to help you find relief. Contact the New York Center for Integrative Health in New York, New York, today at (917) 477-3538 to set up an appointment.

Importance of comprehensive blood work and IV therapy explained by Dr. Kachko

Importance of comprehensive blood work and IV therapy explained by Dr. Kachko
What is a comprehensive assessment of bloodwork? A thorough evaluation of bloodwork will help you identify your body's health and get the appropriate treatment. Watch the video as Dr. Kachko explains about bloodwork and the treatments available.

Hi, this is Dr. Robert Kachko. We take a comprehensive, holistic look at your health care needs.

To understand what your brain and body need, we have to do a thorough assessment to look and find the root cause of what’s keeping you from feeling your best.

For most of our patients, that comprehensive assessment often starts with blood work.

What can be analyzed through blood work?

We can use comprehensive blood work to look at lipids and high cholesterol, inflammation, elevated blood sugar, and insulin resistance.

We can assess for essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and fats. We can look to see how your hormones are functioning and balance them.

We can also see if there are any environmental causes that might contribute to how you’re feeling. This can be things like heavy metals or infections due to different viruses.

What are the steps taken after a comprehensive analysis of blood work?

Once we get a comprehensive look at the human body, we can create a targeted treatment plan. One of the most powerful therapies to help each individual with a personalized plan is IV nutrient therapy.

When it comes to IV therapy, we can help the body more efficiently by giving the body what it needs in terms of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, targeted botanicals, and precisely recommended prescriptions.

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?

Once an individual gets IV therapy based on their unique needs, the body has an opportunity to flourish. Chronic conditions can be prevented and sometimes even be reversed.

We first do an intense assessment and then create a customized treatment plan.

Alongside IV therapy, this plan might include things like acupuncture, mind-body medicine, and targeted nutraceuticals.

New York Center for Integrative Health is a multi-disciplinary team of providers that work collaboratively to assist you on your healthcare journey. Taking a truly holistic approach that honors your unique needs, the team will work with you to get you sustainably well.

Dr. Robert Kachko, Founder and Director of the NY Center for Integrative Health, is a pioneer in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine and has developed an extensive bio-psychosocial methodology for people living with chronic diseases. As Immediate Past President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Kachko advocates for healthcare reform to allow everyone accesses to the kind of care our clinic provides.